RevoluTV 2.1

RevoluTV allows you to watch TV channels broadcasting through the Internet
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RevoluTV is a program to watch TV channels broadcasting through the Internet.
This program joins in a single application the ability to view free streaming that's available through any web browser, providing you with some enhances over the regular way to watch them. Of course, there's no need of a TV Tuner card, you will only need a broadband connection. RevoluTV displays two main windows. In one of them, you will be presented with a categorized list of channels, ranging from News, Sports, Music, Weather, Religion to Games, Lifestyles or Countries. You can start watching a selected channel by double-clicking on its name or pressing the "Watch!" button after selecting it. If the selected channel is online at the moment, it will be played in the another program's window. You will be able to stop/resume the playing with the SPACE key, mute the sound with the M key and switch to Full Screen Mode by pressing ENTER. The Languages command will allow you to use the program's interface in twelve different languages.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s free
  • It´s easy to use


  • Most channels don't work
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