RevoluTV 2.5

RevoluTV is a free player to watch many free streaming TV channels
3.9  (10 votes)
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RevoluTV is a free player that enables us to watch many streaming TV channels. This application provides a comprehensive list of free TV channels that can be accessed directly. The channel panel displays the list of channels available. They are divided into eleven categories: countries, sports, kids, news, games, music, movies, etc. We have the possibility to add the channels we like to the "Favorites section".

The user interface of this player lets us control sound volume, stop playback, watch the streaming in full screen, original size, or fit to the window, and open the channel panel. This application makes it possible to add our own favorite channels, even if they are not included into the channel panel. There are many languages available for the user interface.

We can use this player to watch thrillers, history films, non-professional nature documentaries, and also to practice our language listening skills. I have found out that some of the channels could not be opened because they were not broadcasted at that time. If we cannot access a specific channel we can report it online to the developer. There are no radio stations, however. This program is free, with no adware/spyware.

Review summary


  • Free streaming TV player
  • Quick access to many channels
  • Bookmarks channels
  • No adware/spyware


  • No radio stations
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